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Glencairn Crystal

Pair of Cut Glencairn Glass with Water Jug

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A set of two mouth-blown and hand-cut Glencairn Glass is the ultimate interpretation of the classic Glencairn Glass.  This set also includes a water jug.

The Cut Glencairn Glass is a handmade and hand-cut crystal item. Each glass is individually crafted and as with all handmade pieces, they will vary slightly from piece to piece. No two can ever be identical and may reveal slight variations. Even by hand, all items are produced within tight tolerances and to the highest industry standards to provide an exceptional experience in crystal appreciation. Small variations in these cut glasses are the result of traditional, skilled hand craftsmanship, incomparable to mass automatic production.


Water Jug:
Lead free crystal

Cut Glencairn Glass:
24% lead crystal


Water Jug:
140 x 106 x 80 mm
284 ml

Cut Glencairn Glass:
115 x 66 mm
200 ml