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Glencairn Crystal

Glencairn Tasting Gift Set

Glencairn Tasting Gift Set

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This gift set includes four Glencairn Whisky Glass each with its own Tasting Cap and a Glencairn Pipette.

The Glencairn Whisky Glass is considered the definitive glass for whisky, ideal for both blenders and whisky lovers.  The wide crystal bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s colour and the tapering mouth of the glass captures and focuses the aroma on the nose.

The Tasting Cap for the Glencairn Whisky Glass is designed to help contain the vapours from your whisky to give greater concentrations of aromas whilst nosing.

The handblown glass Glencairn Pipette is designed to be the ideal length for the Glencairn Glass. Weighted at the top with a beautiful miniature Glencairn Glass, the pipette is fashioned to be comfortable in the hand, whilst allowing better regulation of the amount of water added, with its precisely engineered control-aperture set within a wide bulb at the upper end.


Lead-free crystal

Measurements (may vary)



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