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Aroma Training Kit

Aroma Training Kit

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A Nosing Aroma Kit specifically designed for Whisky!

The Aroma Training Kit and accompanying guide booklet will make whisky nosing and tasting an even more pleasurable experience and dramatically increase your knowledge!

This guide is designed to:

  • Introduce a series of key reference whisky aromas;
  • Educate you regarding nosing terminology/vocabulary;
  • Explain the nosing and tasting process;
  • Identify the key aromas to be found in your favourite whiskys.

The Whisky Aroma Kit contains 24 aroma nosing samples carefully selected by the leading specialist from the U.K.'s Aroma Academy - Dr George Dodd.

This kits will help you understand what the experts mean by:

  • Phenolic aroma;
  • Grassy aroma;
  • Spicy aroma;
  • Peaty aroma;
  • Woody aroma.

The Whisky Aroma Kit is a “must have” item for whisky enthusiasts, whisky clubs and societies.

The Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit contains: 

  • 24 aroma samples that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in whisky;
  • An explanatory spiral bound (for ease of use) booklet guide;
  • Blank aroma strips;
  • Nosing and Tasting Record Sheets.

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