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Whisky Glass Canada

Stand for Peace in Ukraine

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This newly-etched glass was inspired by our desire to help the people of Ukraine as they fight for their very survival.  The entire proceeds of this whisky glass will be donated to the Red Cross's Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

We are all familiar with the meaning of the dove as the symbol for peace, love and hope and most of us associate the thistle with Scotland.  But, did you know that while it signifies trouble and pain, it also means resilience, determination, bravery and strength.  All attributes we humbly assign to the people of Ukraine. 

We hope you will join us and Stand for Peace in Ukraine.

The Glencairn Glass is considered the definitive glass for whisky, ideal for both blenders and whisky lovers.  The wide crystal bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s colour and the tapering mouth of the glass captures and focuses the aroma on the nose.  Made from lead-free crystal.



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