Whisky Aroma 24 Scent KitsWhisky Aroma 24 Scent Kits

Whisky Aroma 24 Scent Kits

PLEASE NOTE: AROMA KITS ARE NOW IN STOCK, HOWEVER, DELUXE WOOD BOX ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT! Orders are being shipped first in / first out! When the current stock is gone, there will be no new stock before the end of the year. Backorders, unfortunately will not be taken.

As a Chef would tell you, "if you train your nose then you automatically train and refine your palate!" Quite fantastic really but as with so many things, the more you train, the better you become and your 'nose' is no exception.

For the specialty shop owner, the club or society or the consummate collector and enthusiast, the Aroma Training Kits are the ultimate system to elevate your knowledge and understanding of the subtleties in the aromas and flavours of Whiskies.

The Kits take you step by step through the process of establishing your Personal Aroma Index. You will quickly build, organize and retain a repertoire of words and associated scents allowing you to repeatedly recognize and describe what your nose and tongue are experiencing.

The 24 aroma primers in the Whisky kits are designed expressly and precisely for those palates.

The Whisky Kits are available in either the Deluxe Wood Box or the Rigid Card (leatherette finish) Gift Box. The contents are identical. Please check the version you would like and add it to your cart.

The Aroma Training Kits are exclusive in Canada to WhiskyGlass.ca

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