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News from Glencairn Crystal - stay up to date with the latest from the home of Glencairn. offers the convenience of PayPal and secure Credit Card service for VISA and MasterCard. As well, Canadian customers can pay by cheque on a Canadian bank or use Interac money transfers. is always expanding its modern (lead free) pewter quaiches, flasks and now steins. The Scottish Quaich is a traditional drinking cup offered or given as a token of friendship. It is very popular as gift of goodwill and best wishes to a friend or loved one. Often it is used at clubs and reunions and gifted at weddings, Christenings, and wakes.

Now available, an exclusive offering of Aroma Training Kits for educating the nose and palate to the nuances of Scotch. Ideal for the dedicated enthusiast, Scotch Club or professional buyer. The kit provides a means to benchmark core whisky aromas and educate the palate. This same training and referencing process is used extensively by many aromatic product producers such as the perfume, tea and coffee industries. (Note: There is also be a Wine Aroma Training Kit offered.)

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